The Top 5 Guitar Blogs Online in 2016

Playing a guitar is one of the most popular trends amongst the youngsters. With a revolution in the field of music, with more and more bands being built and with new songs being created, young and potential musicians and music enthusiasts are being interested in learning how to play guitar. Guitars have been the constant companion of many aspiring singers and musicians. In fact, those, who can play the guitar, always have popularity amongst the college and university communities.

However, it is not just a hobby that many musicians indulge themselves in. Those, who manage to develop a serious knack and skill in this, often choose a career in the music industry and play guitar professionally. But, whether you want to play it for your own liking or if you want to build a career in this, you need to start practicing with determination and precision. For that you must know, where to start from!


The guitar blogs:

The internet is full of information on guitar, how to play a guitar, where to buy a guitar and how to become a skilled guitarist. But, you need to find the best blogs that you can start with. Here are a few of the most popular guitar blogs.

  1. Jazz Guitar:

From chords and tabs to a forum, where you can ask question and discuss answers with experts and other guitar enthusiasts just like you, you get all your needs satisfied at this blog.

  1. All Axess:

This is a very unique and popular guitar blog that offers a wide range of information on everything related to guitars. From a list of the best songs to start with, to the guitar news and information, you get everything available at

  1. Eddies guitars:

If you are looking for a guitar blog that will give you free tutorials to follow, this is the one that you need to follow. With easy interface and great materials and content inside, this blog is absolutely useful for the beginners.

  1. Six String Soul:

Guitar lovers, guitarists and enthusiasts love this blog. It has a seriously huge collection of latest guitar tunes that you would want to play on your own.

  1. Guitar Salon:

Do you want to know what the entire world is doing with guitars? Do you want to know about the upcoming guitarists, their performances and the news related to guitar? This is the bog that you must visit.